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The Lutheran Church in Saxony

Spheres of activity

Picture: Protestant Academy in Meissen
Protestant Academy in Meissen

"To till the field" – figuratively, this can apply to all levels of church work, and nobody can predict with certainty whether the soil will bear good fruit. This leaves endeavouring to treat people carefully, to listen to them and to be with them. First of all, this focuses the attention on the local church community, its existence, its growth and its offers in the fields of church music, parish educational work and church social service. Missionary model projects attempt to pool strengths and dedication and to concentrate them on those who are still far from the Christian Gospel.

Church community can not only be associated with local congregations. In education facilities, in target-group-oriented work with working people, in fields of church social service and with ecumenical contacts, Christian fellowship is nourished. As a representative of the parishes, the Saxon regional church bears a share of the responsibility in schools, in the adult education and the academy work as well as in looking after special occupational groups such as craftsmen or farmers. In small parts and as a whole, church can develop an animating spirit in order to also preserve what has grown throughout history. It decisively contributes to cultural life in the country by means of church music and artistic events.

The Christian Gospel becomes apparent in turning to the people in practice. With its numerous services and areas of responsibility like pastoral care, nursing, education and counselling, the church social service as institution of the regional church is the active hand of the church towards the weaker people. The Christian commitment to people beyond our circumstances of living shows that help does not stop at borders. Peace, justice and integrity of creation are not separable and exclusive; they are a shared mission in this world. Here, churches can provide balancing assistance in an intensified ecumenical dialogue and exert a positive influence on developments.


Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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