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The Lutheran Church in Saxony

Church music

Picture: Kurrende Day 2003 (day of children’s church choirs)
Kurrende Day 2003

Saxony is often called the mother country of Protestant church music in Germany. This claim is derived from the historical past of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony. Martin Luther and his friend Johann Walter from Torgau, the “ancestral cantor” of our church, initiated a church music tradition that is still alive in Saxony today.

In order to fill this tradition with life in this day and age, 155 full-time (“A” and “B”- church musicians) and 286 part-time C-Cantors work in the Saxon regional church at present. Moreover, there are 376 skilled assistants (C) and 594 members of staff without an exam who often work in an honorary capacity in the parishes. They lead choirs (approx. 17,000 singers in the church choirs and approx. 7,600 children in the Kurrende choirs) and accompany the singing of the congregation in church services and other events. Thus, including the retirees, there are altogether 1,565 staff working in the church music service in the regional church (as per 2003). Besides, these people look after more than 400 recorder groups and 90 further music groups in the Saxon parishes. Then there are 6,500 wind players of the “Sächsische Posaunenmission” (Saxon Brass Mission) in 471 choirs that meet in the parishes week after week and enrich the church music life of the regional church in many church services and other events.


Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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