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The Lutheran Church in Saxony

Work and profession

Picture: church service

It is a certainty that work and profession is not only men’s domain. After 1989, however, changes in our church resulted in the church men’s service facing special challenges in these areas.

Our staff in these areas want to be partners for both men and women in the world of work. We seek to come into contact with employees and employers, too. We also maintain good relations with the respective associations. In this, as much attention is focused on the work in handicraft establishments as on the work in agriculture.

It is our goal to apply the experience from the world of work and profession in the church community practice and propagation of the Gospel, so that men and women who are occupied in the world of work can be addressed better, too. We provide the actors in the world of work with the good Gospel of Jesus Christ in order for the processes in economy and work to become fairer.

The world of work can not be seen without its dark side, the unemployment. For this reason, we also keep in contact with the social service for the unemployed. The problem of unemployment has to remain in public awareness outside and inside the church to find ways to involve all people in society.

With these spheres of activity, our church deliberately participates in the discussion process concerning the future viability of our society, too. At some points, we also have to be the mouthpiece for those who are not given their say any more.


Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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