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The Lutheran Church in Saxony

Facts and figures

With its almost 702.000 church members in 712 parishes, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony is also of statistical magnitude in the country.

A church covering such a large area has to structure itself in order to fulfil the tasks for all parishes in the same way. Much has evolved throughout history; other things are accommodated to the actual circumstances.

The following pages show the structure and the levels of the regional church as well as the governing bodies with their responsibility regarding the entire church and their links of interaction and cooperation.

Planning and surveys are accomplished on the foundation of recording statistics, which provides an insight into the possible scope of measures. However, the work in the parishes and facilities of the regional church has to be financed, too. A survey of the gross income shows the possibilities of financial support and thus of responsibility for various areas.



Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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