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The Lutheran Church in Saxony


The area of the regional church is subdivided into 25 church districts (“Ephorien”). As leading clergyman, the superintendent is at the head of these districts. His task is the visitation, i.e. assistance, consultation and inspection of the work in the parishes. The church districts also constitute an "intermediate level" between the level of the parishes and the higher one of the regional church. Here, representatives of the parishes form a church district synod that is represented by the church district council in current affairs. The 25 district church offices consist of the respective superintendent and the church office council that is appointed for several church districts at the same time. The Saxon regional church is subdivided into three regional church offices: Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig.

As legislative authority, the synod is the representation of all parishes of the regional church. It consists of 80 members. Every six years, 60 members are elected out of the church councils, comprising 20 pastors or woman pastors and 40 laymen. 20 further people are appointed by the church governing board. Under the current president Gudrun Lindner, the executive committee with its seven members leads the synod that meets on its conferences in Dresden in spring and autumn.

The Bishop of Saxony is the leading clergyman of the regional church and guides it by means of word and sacrament, as is laid down in the constitution of the regional church. This means: He or she does not possess any administrative rights. With a right to vote, the bishop contributes to the decisions of the church office without being a member.

The Lutheran church office of Saxony is the highest administrative authority of the Saxon regional church. It is based in Dresden and governed by the current president Hans-Dieter Hofmann. The church office represents the regional church legally and is responsible for the management of all matters of the regional church except those reserved for other organs.
Under the chairmanship of the bishop, the church governing board combines the governing organs mentioned before. It consists of the president of the church office, the president of the synod and the members of the church office. Nine further members of the synod are elected to the church governing board by the synod.

The Saxon regional church is a member of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany and one of the 23 churches constituting the Evangelical Church in Germany.



Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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