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The Lutheran Church in Saxony


712 parishes and joint parishes belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony. According to the parish by-laws, these parishes are corporate bodies with legal capacity. The parish is headed by the church council, which is elected from the parish. This council consists of elected and appointed church council members and of the pastor of the parish.

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Please click on a church district. The contact data of the Superintendentur (superintendent’s office) and a list of the local parishes of the selected church district are displayed.

Picture: Night of the Churches
Night of the Churches

All baptised Christians of the Evangelical Lutheran denomination who live in the area of the parish are members of that parish. They find people to talk to in the local church and a sense of community in groups and discussion circles.

For some time now, single parishes have combined to form joint parishes, too. At present, there are eleven joint parishes. They are also corporate bodies and take care of the external representation of the parishes by means of the jointly formed church council. Each parish and joint parish is assigned to one of the 19 church districts as well as to an administrative region.

The centre of a Protestant church community is the Sunday church service. In family services, different age groups arrange the service events together. This lively way of celebrating the church service has been spreading more and more in the last years.

The church community offers strengthening in being a Christian and a place of human closeness. Smaller circles take up interests and abilities that contribute to the development of the individual and to acting with solidarity.

Young people meet in the youth group; furthermore, house groups and groups of married couples exist. The elderly come together in retirement or senior citizens’ groups. In handicraft groups, choir and music groups, Bible groups, discussion rounds and common church holidays, the committed participants’ various age experience leaves its mark on the events.

The church community clearly shows and lives the Christian course of the year. With its impulses, the community intensifies the rhythm of life. Thus, people experience the Word of God and His encouragement and comfort at crucial points of their existence. A mutual sense of company, help and support can be felt in baptism, confirmation, wedding and their anniversaries and in the Christian funeral.

The spirit of the church is characterized by the responsibility for each other within the church community. Help and balance between the Saxon parishes are to lead to comparable working conditions in the church district and in other parishes.
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Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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