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The Lutheran Church in Saxony

Synod of Saxony

Picture: conference of the synod
Conference of the synod

When joining the synod, every member has to take the following vow:

"I vow before God to keep the inner and outer welfare of the Lutheran Church in all conscience in my work in the synod and to strive for the church to thrive in all parts with Him who is the head, with Christ. - I vow it before God."

The synod bears responsibility for all matters of the regional church and can discuss them and decide on them. It can issue declarations.

In particular, the Synod of Saxony is responsible for:

  • The legislation in the area of the regional church
  • Considering and discussing the drafts
  • Decisions on applications and petitions to the synod
  • Decisions on the boundaries of the regional church
  • Decisions on the introduction of new orders of service, agendas und hymn books
  • The approval of the budget of the regional church
  • The examination and confirmation of the accuracy of the budget calculations of the regional church
  • The participation in the election of the bishop and of the president of the church office as well as the election of the members of the synod and their deputies in the church governing board, decisions on complaints about the bishop of Saxony, the church office and the church governing board of the regional church.


Dr. Carsten Rentzing, Bishop of Saxony

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