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In English: Information about the Archive

General advice

The church records of the Lutheran Church of Saxony are usually held by the offices of the respective church. Please contact the respective parish, superintendency or other church-related facilities via e-mail or written mail. You can look up yourself the addresses of the existing parishes and church-related facilities<link adressen index.html>.

If you would like us to send you the address of a specific church, please send a written request with the name of the church to the Archive of the Lutheran Church of Saxony. Please note, that the processing of such requests as well as genealogical research is chargeable. For every started half hour we charge 15€ up until a total of 60€.

Providing information from church records is only possible, if you know at least the place where the official act that you are looking for happened. Information from registers of births, marriages and deaths that have been produced after January 1st 1876 are only available at the local registry office or municipal archive. Only if these records have been destroyed at some point, you can turn to the respective parish for information. However, they can only provide information about performed acts (christening, marriage, funeral) and no guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of these information can be given.

Answers regarding local history, including parochial affiliations, can be found in the historical gazetteer for Saxony, available as a hard copy in German (Historisches Ortsverzeichnis von Sachsen. Neuausgabe. Hg. v. Karlheinz Blaschke, bearb. v. Susanne Baudisch u. Karlheinz Blaschke (Quellen und Materialien zur sächsischen Geschichte und Volkskunde 2,1 und 2,2), Leipzig 2006.) and online.

Landeskirchenarchiv der Ev.-Luth. Landeskirche Sachsens
Lukasstraße 6
01069 Dresden

Telefon: 0351 4692353

Centralised church records

A part of the original or copied registers containing official acts made by the churches of Leipzig and the records of the former parishes of Breunsdorf (including Heuersdorf), Cröbern (including Wachau), Kieritzsch (including Pödelwitz), Priesteblich (including Frankenheim), Magdeborn and Zehmen (including Rüben) are stored centrally in Leipzig.

Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeindeverband Leipzig / Kirchliches Archiv
Burgstraße 1-5
04109 Leipzig

Telefon: 0341 26922-20

Church records on microfilm

The Regional Church Office in Dresden houses a reading station where you can access microfilms containing the church records of several parishes from all over Saxony. Church records of the following parishes and churches have been microfilmed up until now:

  • The churches of the former parish of Dippoldiswalde
  • The churches of the former parish of Dresden Mitte and Dresden Nord
  • The churches of the former parish of Flöha
  • The churches of the former parish of Freiberg
  • The part of churches of the former parish of Leipzig
  • The part of churches of the former parish of Leipziger Land
  • The churches of the former parish of Meißen
  • The churches of the former parish of Stollberg
  • The registers of the church parishes of Zwickau

You can use the pdf-file to browse the list of the church records which have been microfilmed already:

  • <link file:4227>List of the church records which have been microfilmed (pdf-file)

If you want to use the microfilmed church records a prior appointment is necessary.

The Regional Church Office is also the contact for any written request for information, if you aren’t able to come to Dresden in order to view the microfilms in person. Please direct any inquiries (along with your contact details for callbacks) regarding information from the church records on microfilm directly to the Regional Church Office.

Regionalkirchenamt Dresden / Zentrale Lesestelle
Kreuzstr. 7
01067 Dresden

Telefon: 0351 4923347

Use of and access to original church records

In order to use original church records, which have not been microfilmed up until now, you will have make a written request, stating your name or the name of your client, if you conduct research on someone’s behalf, the topic of the research and the reason for it and how you plan to evaluate your findings.

Please note that the use of original church records falls under certain restrictions.
These are the retention periods for the various official church acts:

As a transitional agreement, registers for christenings until December 31st 1909 can be access as well.

Requests can be declined, if the archive or the church records are not available for use due to their state, if consideration is needed for the safekeeping of church interests resp. the interests of living persons or if abuse can be suspected. Furthermore, requests may be declined, if there is no suitable place to access the records, if there is no supervision available or if the user is not able to work properly with the documents, for instance because of lack of reading the old German hand writing like Sütterlin or Kurrent.

Please note that the use of the archive as well as any request for information is chargeable. Details in German regarding the charges can be found here on pages A 80 and A 81 under the title “Gebührentafel”:

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